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koishi apocalypse


Oh how I await the day people ask before reprinting art.

Gonna head to bed now. Seeya.

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I type the letter d into the search bar and it’s not even deviantart that comes up first anymore

it’s dio brando

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*kaguya’s theme plays in room dad is in*


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Are you asking me to put them in order of favorite to least favorite or—?

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I remember you flipping the fuck out now—

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sillykatt asked: heh i just think you're cool and funny~

Aha…ha….h a???

Cool? Never been called that before. I am about as cool and an old cat lady.

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warutaa asked: On another note: Do invade utsu's inbox while calling her a big giant nerd. Whatchu gonna do about it, punk? >:)

did you know one time i forgot i was allergic to seafood and ate some and nearly died

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Anonymous asked: How do i become friends with utsutori the famous tumblr


I know this isn’t a serious question, but in all honesty, just be someone who I can have a conversation with without it turning creepy? And don’t just become my friend for free art. I can’t even give myself free art.

No doting on me and calling me cute, either. That also ticks me off.

or in the words of tumblr user inabatei:

ways to become friends w utsu:
find a middle ground between spoiling her and pissing her off
that is how i am best friends

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If I talk to you a lot on Skype I will usually end up going off about people disgracing cheesecake or ranting about my dogs

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I woke her up not once, not twice, but three separate times, telling her ‘you should probably go pick up the pills now mom, it’s closing soon’. And now, the hour it closes, she finally gets up, and tells me that she forgot, and I have to put up with staggering pain until tomorrow, because she was too lazy to get up when she should have.

I would have driven myself, but man, I’m having a hard time standing up here. And dad is sick as well.

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I had already finished half of 4, and I’ve had a week of no school, so that gave me a good amount of time, considering I stayed up until 3 in the morning reading. I started SBR yesterday and I am currently on chapter 42.  I’ll also have time to read tomorrow since I’m sick and they won’t let me go to school.

Also I just read really fast.

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So Johnny was born in Danville, Kentucky…?

Wow, I used to live there. Interesting. Didn’t expect boring old KY to pop up in this.

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